Online Machaut Resources

Je Chant Ung Chant

A searchable archive of 14th-century lyrics, including many by Machaut, developed by members if the current project as part of a previous AHRC-funded project. Work is ongoing to add more texts to the archive, and we anticipate around 250 additional Machaut lyrics being added by Spring 2013.

Manuscript Studies in an Interoperable Digital Environment

As part of a larger scale project whose aim is to produce research based on emerging technologies in the field of digital manuscript studies, Deborah McGrady and Benjamin Albritton are examining representations of Machaut's authorship. The above link provides a list of online Machaut manuscripts.

International Machaut Society

The IMS is a scholarly organisation that brings together academics and performers from all over the Machaut Studies community.

Medieval Song Network

Founded in 2009, The Medieval Song Network has a strong interdisciplinary approach to research into medieval song. It unites sholars from all over the globe whose interests lie in literature, music, linguistics, paleography and other areas.